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Hamsar is the son of Hayat Nizami Qawwal, and the nephew of the world famous Meraj Ahmed Nizami, whose family have been performing Qawwali at teh Dargah (tomb) of the Chishti saint Nizamuddin Aulia in Delhi for many generations. Hamsar, 37, received his training in qawwali music from his father, whom he sang with since he was a child, and learned the nuances of Persian, Urdu and Hindi lyrics from his uncle. While both father and uncle have left indelible marks on his style, Hamsar also strives to evolve his own characteristic manner of singing. His voice has a sound classical base, as he uses elaborate improvisations and ornamentations of the classical style, such as taans (long crescendos), gamaks and murkis (vacillations of the voice).

The troupe cosists of all young members, accompanying Hamsar in chorus, clapping, and persussion. Hamsar and his friends are a quite sought after group in Delhi and elsewhere in India. Besides singing the Qawwalies, this group often invited to perform Bhajans of Mata Vaishno Devi, Khatu Shyaam Baba and Shri Sainath Maharaj of Shirdi at religious gatherings - a rare quality for a muslim group.

Contact of Hamsar Hayat Nizami, Ph.: +91 9810329249;

Text courtsy: Producer of first sufi album APNI MASTI of
Hamsar Hayat and friends in 2002.

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29 Hit Bhajans
Janab Hamsar Hayat Nizami
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